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Meet the Makers: SYN Shop

SYN Shop is a hackerspace located in Las Vegas, Nevada. SYN Shop members regularly attend Maker Faire events in other states, and are very excited to be involved in helping bring Maker Faire to Las Vegas! The Maker Faire values very much align with SYN Shop’s mission.

SYN Shop is a space for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning. SYN Shop’s motto is: “Let’s make stuff awesome!”

SYN Shop was started back in 2008, when a bunch of DIY enthusiasts decided that instead of hiding in our garages, workshops and offices, they should instead come together and start a community around the things that they are passionate about. In the near future, SYN Shop will be expanding to new facilities downtown in order to accommodate more equipment, tools, and more members using the space.

SYN Shop aims to facilitate discovery for all ages. The barriers for learning tech, science and manufacturing are actually lower than common perception. SYN Shop aims to provide an environment where people can share tools, resources and knowledge in order to demonstrate how easy it is to pursue a new interest or hobby with the right help and equipment. For example, if you’d like to learn how to solder, sew, woodwork, or weld (or all of these!) SYN Shop can help with getting you started.

So where does the name ‘SYN Shop’ even come from? When computers need to talk to one another over the network, SYN is the first packet sent out during the TCP three-way handshake.You can also say that Syn, could stand for ‘Synergy’. Synergy is defined as two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable, which also fits well with the Hacker Space ideals. And lastly since the hackerspace is located in Las Vegas, SYN is a fun play on words and the city’s often heard nick name ‘Sin City’.

Video below: The SYN Shop makers built a ‘Donado’ (donation tornado!) for use at their First Friday Booth. Fun!

Our Venue, The Historic Fifth Street School

We’ve chosen to host the first Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire at the Historic Fifth Street School in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. We think that a school is a fantastic venue for an event that is billed as The World’s Greatest Show and Tell and besides being a beautiful building, there is a lot of history behind the Fifth Street School. I guess that’s why the call it the historical Fifth Street School, eh?

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What is Maker Faire?

Maker Faire is an annual event created by Make Magazine that celebrates makers, hackers, tinkerers, inventors and dreamers. It’s like a big Science Fair or a community Show & Tell where people can come and demonstrate their creations to a receptive audience. It’s also a little like a bite sized version of Burning Man where the creative spirit can flourish but without all of the naked people and dust storms. Maker Faire is an all-ages family-friendly event that kids and parents and grandparents can all equally enjoy. 30 year old kids are welcome too!

Photomontages courtesy of The Flirty Blog – be sure to also read her excellent recap of Maker Faire San Mateo 2012!

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