Meet the Makers: Repurpose America

Repurpose America will be teaming up with us during the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire to provide building materials, assist with planning, and offer some helping hands during the event. Keep your eyes open – they may even have a booth!

Repurpose America

Repurpose has been making a name for itself by providing services to local businesses that allow them to make use of extra materials they are unable to recycle that would otherwise be wasted. Everything from leftover trade show displays  to PVC pipe can be repurposed and reused . With access to their resources and a few incentives, they are helping businesses save money and be responsible socially and environmentally.

They’ve been doing their part to support the local community as well, by making any products still usable in their original state available to community organizations, non-profits, schools and even artists.

Here, Zachary Delbex breaks down Repurpose America and shows a few examples of the creative ways materials can be repurposed. As an added bonus, the flute and saxophone in the background music are pretty catchy. Groove with it if you gotta!

Find out more about the great work they do:


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