What is Maker Faire?

Maker Faire is an annual event created by Make Magazine that celebrates makers, hackers, tinkerers, inventors and dreamers. It’s like a big Science Fair or a community Show & Tell where people can come and demonstrate their creations to a receptive audience. It’s also a little like a bite sized version of Burning Man where the creative spirit can flourish but without all of the naked people and dust storms. Maker Faire is an all-ages family-friendly event that kids and parents and grandparents can all equally enjoy. 30 year old kids are welcome too!

Photomontages courtesy of The Flirty Blog – be sure to also read her excellent recap of Maker Faire San Mateo 2012!

Maker Faire is made up primarily of independent exhibitors, but also features vendors, hands-on workshops and talks. As you may have guessed, the theme of the event is ‘Makers’, but it’s not bound to any specific kind of Making. From 3D printing to lego sculpture, from robotics to soap making, from scrap booking to amateur rocketry – you will find it at Maker Faire! Chip tunes musicians and traditional luthiers, circuit designers and costume makers, choreographers and hot rodding gear heads – we are all makers!

The first Maker Faire was put on in San Mateo in 2006 to an audience of 70,000 attendees. Follow up events were held in Texas, San Mateo and New York. Since 2010, the two flagship events are held in San Mateo and New York each year. In addition to the flagship events, Make has decided to embrace local communities by licensing and supporting numerous local ‘Mini Maker Faires’ all over the world. In 2013 we are very excited to bring the first one to Las Vegas! It’s still too early to tell you exactly what to expect at Maker Faire Vegas – every local Maker Faire is different and shapes its self around the local community. We are sure that it’s going to be a stellar event and that it’s going to be due to YOU! Remember that we have an open Call for Makers until December 22nd and encourage you to apply if you have something you’d love to share.

Want to see what’s possible? Here are some videos from other first year Mini Maker Faires:

Get inspired!


3 Responses to What is Maker Faire?

  1. Will there be an admittance fee?

    • There will be a small admittance fee that is TBD mid-November. We’re expecting to be at around $8 with discounts for early purchases.

  2. Soo excited to be a part of a new era of America doing what it does best. Innovate, build and MAKE! I hope Las Vegas can become a hub for this kind of innovation. It’s the next big revolution.

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